The 9 Tasks on My 2023 Spring Cleaning List

Apr 17, 2023





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2023 Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is a tradition that dates back *literally* thousands of years. When the weather becomes warmer and the days become longer, we have a chemical reaction in our bodies that gives us more energy and motivation to clean things up, move things out, and start fresh.

As a mom of two young kids, I feel this urge on a cellular level. Come April, I’m tired of being cooped up inside with a pile of toys in the living room and sticky fingerprints on EVERY surface. I want to throw the windows open and let the fresh air work its magic. I want my home to feel airy and clean!

Usually, this means I’ll spend several days each spring scrubbing every square inch of our home. I empty every closet and then immediately regret that decision. I buy new containers and labels, thinking THIS is the year we’ll follow my genius organizational systems. I’ve been known to bust out Martha Stewart’s Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist. I spiral, get overwhelmed, and then give up.

This year, I decided to do it differently. Instead of trying to do it all, I’m focusing on the items that are most pressing. I’m narrowing my focus to a doable and finite list of tasks that I know I can complete this season. Rather than do an annual spring clean, I’m going to try a quarterly seasonal clean.

So here are the 9 tasks on my 2023 Spring Cleaning List:

  1. Deep Clean my Car
  2. Schedule the Window Cleaners for the Exterior Windows
  3. Seal the Grout in our Master Shower
  4. Clean the Air Vents
  5. Shred the Pile of Papers that have been Sitting in our Shred Pile for Ages
  6. Clean off the Front Porch & Give it a Refresh
  7. Do a Closet Cleanout and Donate Clothes
  8. Deep Clean our Living Room Couches
  9. Clean the Baseboards

That’s it! Are there other things I need to clean? Definitely. But these are the most pressing, and they’ll make the most impact on our ability to use and enjoy our home this season. For the first time ever, I feel like my spring cleaning list is doable. I’m cleaning the things that matter most to me at this moment, and that feels really good. Let’s get to it!

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