Unlocking 9 Hidden Benefits of Interior Designers

Jul 3, 2024





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9 hidden benefits of an interior designer by Denver interior designer Kimberly Morris Interiors

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no wonder that you’re struggling to find time to create your dream home. Balancing a demanding career, personal life, and other responsibilities leaves little room for the intricate and often overwhelming process of interior design. If all the signs are there that you need to hire an interior designer, but you’re still on the fence, did you know that an interior designer can provide a ton of hidden benefits? Today, we’re unlocking the hidden benefits of interior designers, and explaining why working with an interior designer may be the ideal solution for you.

1. Personalized Design Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Hiring an interior designer allows you to create a space perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. Professional designers take the time to understand your needs, preferences, and daily routines, ensuring that every aspect of your home enhances your quality of life.

A Home That Reflects You

We find joy in translating your unique personality and style into a cohesive design. We can incorporate elements that reflect your tastes, your travels, and your family in a number of different ways, giving you a home a home that feels authentically yours – no cookie-cutter decor in sight, and the ultimate sense of comfort and satisfaction.

Functional Spaces for Every Need

A well-designed home is only as beautiful as it is functional. Designers consider the practical aspects of your living spaces, ensuring that each room serves its intended purpose efficiently. From optimized kitchen layouts to storage placed exactly where you need it, we thoughtfully plan every detail to enhance usability and convenience.

2. Reduced Stress

Managing a home remodel or new build project can be incredibly stressful, especially for someone with a demanding career. Hiring an interior designer significantly reduces this stress because your designer is your project manager. We take over on the timeline, the task list, and the coordination so you don’t have to.

We act as the liaison between you and the contractors, handling all communication and coordination to make sure the design intent is clear. By taking on this responsibility, we allow you to focus on your family and your career without the added burden of managing a construction project.

Interior designers are also problem-solvers (and as a former attorney, this is a particular talent of mine)! If there’s one thing I can promise you on every project, it’s that something will go wrong. Something will arrive broken, or go on backorder, or be installed upside down by a well-intentioned trade. As a designer, my job is to address these issues efficiently on your behalf.

3. Access to Exclusive Resources and Materials

One of the lesser-known benefits of working with an interior designer is access to exclusive resources and materials that are not readily available to the public. This includes high-quality furnishings, custom-made pieces, and unique décor items that can elevate the overall design of your home.

High-Quality Furnishings

Designers have established relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, allowing us to source high-quality furniture and décor items that may not be available in retail stores. This access ensures that your home is furnished with durable, stylish (and unique) pieces that stand the test of time.

Custom-Made Creations

For those seeking truly unique elements, we can commission custom-made furniture and artwork. These bespoke creations add a personal touch to your home, and give you heirloom quality pieces that will become a part of your family’s history.

4. Time Savings

Now more than ever, time is a precious commodity. Working with an interior designer saves you valuable time that can be better spent on your career, family, and personal interests.

The design process involves countless decisions, from selecting paint colors to choosing furniture. We streamline this process by presenting you with curated options that align with your style and preferences, simplifying decision-making and reducing the time you need to invest in the project.

5. Increased Home Value

I admit that this benefit is financial, but it’s worth mentioning here, because it’s often overlooked. One of the most forgotten hidden benefits of interior designers is that we can increase your home’s value, as a well-designed home has fantastic resale value.

Market Appeal

Homes with professionally designed interiors tend to stand out in the real estate market. The appeal and functionality of designer homes attract more potential buyers, fetch higher bids, and allow you as the homeowner to make fewer concessions when its time to sell.

Long-Term Satisfaction

Even if you don’t plan to sell, investing in quality design ensures that you will enjoy your home for years to come. You deserve to live in a home you love, that reflects the best parts of you.

6. Emotional and Psychological Well-Being

The research is clear that our surroundings have a huge impact on our emotional and psychological well-being. A thoughtfully designed space can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall happiness.

One of the first questions I ask new clients is how they want to feel in the space when it’s done. The colors, textures, and materials all contribute to the emotions you feel and experience when you walk into a space. We can thoughtfully select the right materials and furnishings to help your home promote the feelings you want to have – pretty amazing, right? If you want to feel bold and inspired in your home office, for example, but relaxed and calm in your living room, I can help you get there.

7. Inspiration and Creativity

One of my favorite hidden benefits of interior designers is that we can be a source of inspiration and creativity. My goal is to bring you fresh ideas and innovative solutions that you may not have considered. I love when clients get excited that I’ve helped them see their home in a whole new light – sometimes you just need an outside eye! An interior designer can inspire you to think outside the box and explore new ideas.

Designers are also skilled at finding creative solutions to design challenges. Whether it’s making a small space feel larger or creating multifunctional rooms, our innovative ideas can transform your home in unexpected ways.

8. Long-Term Relationships

We love to maintain relationships with our clients long after the project is done, because it’s mutually beneficial! We want to make sure you’re happy with your home and that you keep us in mind for referrals to friends and family, and in return, you have a designer to call when those inevitable life changes arise – new babies, new seasons of life, and new homes!

We provide ongoing support and advice as your needs change over time. Whether you’re considering a small update or a major renovation, having a trusted designer to consult with can make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

As your tastes and lifestyle evolve, we can help you adapt your home to reflect these changes. We want your home to remain a true reflection of who you are at every stage of your life.

9. Thoughtfully Incorporated Trends

Finally, if you read my last blog post, you know I’m not a fan of trends in the home. That said, if you want to incorporate a trend, many interior designers are up to speed on the latest industry trends and timeless design principles, so we can help you create a home that feels fresh and modern without being overly trendy or quickly outdated.

I hope that if you were on the fence about the benefits of design, this post has helped you see that there are tons of tangible and intangible benefits to hiring an interior designer. If you’re struggling to manage a home renovation or new project on your own, schedule a free intro call! We would love to hear about your project and how we may be able to help.

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