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Feb 3, 2023





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Meet Kim Morris

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Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

I am giddy with excitement to have a website again. Years ago, I tried my hand at blogging (and failed). I wasn’t consistent enough, didn’t have a clear theme, and I never promoted it to gain any sort of traction.

This time, it feels different. I’ve been sharing my passion for interior design over on Instagram for about a year and a half, and I’m feeling inspired to carve out a little space on the Internet that is all my own. Social media is constantly changing, so I want this space to feel calm and consistent – my digital home.

I’ll be building out the site with more of my favorite things in the coming weeks and months, but for today, I’m excited to launch it. I hope that when you’re here, you find inspiration and new ideas while also feeling reassured that no one’s home is perfect – and that’s part of the fun!

Thanks for being here!

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